Bye My Volvo

By Castor In Commercial, Video

This is the real life story of a Swede who was looking for a new lease on life. And found it in Italy. Starring that red Volvo from that other YouTube video, a Lamborghini Huracan, and a cast of tens.

This is a promo video that me and Christian recorded on our way to Italy where we met up with my Volvo’s new owner. Microsoft. The Volvo then made a short appearance in the official trailer for the game Forza Horizon 2. Watch the the ‘Buy My Volvo’ ad here.


Music, in order of appearance:

‘Hjärtslag’ by Ljudvägg
‘The Neon Dead’ by Brambles
’15’ by Cellardore
‘Salt Photographs’ by Brambles
‘Varande’ by Ljudvägg


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