Stig’s Pagan Xmas Calendar ~ Mikkeller

By Castor In Commercial, Video


The Mikkeller xmas calender of 2015 is produced by Grand Dandy, which is me and Christian Svanlund. 24 episodes recorded on only two days (17hrs) will hit you straight in the face from Dec 1st until christmas eve. Check ’em out on Mikkeller’s FB-page – facebook.com/mikkeller

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E01: Stig’s First Mikkeller

E02: Stig’s Shower Ale

E03: Stig’s Grandchild

E04: Stig’s Apple Ad

E05: Stig’s Tattoo

E06: Stig’s Goat Time

E07: Stig’s Chat w/ His Son Danny Lilker

E08: Stig’s Dude Wrapping

E09: Stig’s Drum Session w/ Brann Dailor of Mastodon

E10: Stig’s Serious Beer Review w/ Johnny Depp

E11: Stig’s Smell


E12: Stig’s Run

E13: Stig’s Lucia

E14: Stig Is Hairy Porter

E15: The Stig™

E16: Stig’s Break

E17: Stig’s Sexy Camshow w/ Drew Fox at 18th. Street Brewery

E18: Stig’s First Beer Review

E19: Stig’s Santa w/ Michael Monetz

E20: Stig’s Punk Rock Peepshow

E21: Stig’s Magic Wizard

E22: Stig’s Sausagefest w/ Hot Dog John

E23: Stig‘s Old Bones w/ Mikkel & Søren

E24: Stig’s Merry Christmas

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