Burns ~ Alice Boman

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There’s a small abandoned cabin far into the woods of southern Sweden. It seems like nobody been living there for a very long time. It’s still furnished but others have been there, tumbling around, looking for valuables. They’ve missed out. What’s left is the memories of what i think is an older lady, a well-traveled lady. There’s a lot of old worn out suitcases in the attic and there’s a whole lot of handmade amateur art hanging about in the cabin, from all over the world. In a shelf there’s lots of 8mm film rolls. All left for itself.

I left the cabin that time and returned a year later. More people had been there and more things were missing. So i decided to borrow some rolls of film home with me. I recorded some of the films named “U.S.A.” and watched them. Maybe for the first time in over three decades.

Then I took the liberty to put together a video for “Burns” by using an unknown old lady’s memories.

– Castor

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  1. louice .29.07.2015.

    This is a really cool video! Where is the cabin that you found this material in?

    • Castor .29.07.2015.

      Thanks Louice!
      I can’t say more than the cabin is somewhere in the middle of Skåne.


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