Coma House

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  1. Jim Sullivan .23.03.2016.

    Beautiful shots. Very creepy and yet serene at the same time.

  2. Mixen .23.03.2016.

    Smukt og skræmmende på samme tid. Hvornår skyder vi en video i huset?

    • Castor .23.03.2016.

      Haha, för smukt för att gå berserk tycker jag. Stig får lugna sig om han ska in i det huset.

  3. Macke .27.03.2016.

    I am sceptic, there is almost no dust at all, all things should be covered with it. I get more dust in a week in my apartment then i saw in these pictures. I liked the photos though.

    • Castor .27.03.2016.

      I’ve got that comment more than one time now. Also that I brought the flowers on the tv but they’re obviously plastic. About the dust… There was a 2 meter fall into the basement as you walk in the front door, you’ll have to risk your legs trying to get in there, so I don’t think a lot of ppl have been in there. Dust comes from the outside, with ppl, it doesn’t appear out of thin air. It was kind of moist inside as well, the white on the tv and the furniture is rot, maybe it sucks it up. I’m 100% nobody been there cleaning the place.
      Glad you liked the photos Macke, it’s a very special place.

  4. Maria .26.05.2016.

    Hi. I’m a photographer, who would love to photo this house.
    Please contact me.

  5. F. Rihet .12.08.2020.

    Synd du drar dig för att lämna ut adresser för jag hade behövt kunna skriva mig på en dylikt fastighet så jag kan försvinna.


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